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Friendly matches coming up

(24 October 2011)The KBVB have agreed two matched against Romania in Liége on November 11 at 20.45.

On November 15 is Rode Duivels visiting Paris where France is ready to meet the devils. The match will be played at Stade de France.

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Did you miss the match, then you can watch the highlights on our media page.

Rode Duivels bounce back to no. 37 in the World!

(19 October 2011) After the last group matches and the dissapointing outcome have FIFA today announced a new World Ranking. The two matches played didn't gathered enough points compared to the other national teams, so Rode Duivels bumbs 3 places down again.

The teams from the Euro Qualifier Group A ended up on following positions: Germany 3 (+0), Turkey 26 (+1), Austria 72 (+5), Azerbaijan 117 (-20) and Kazakhstan 129 (+3).

For the World Cup 2014 ended Rode Duivel also up in Group A with following national teams: Croatia 12 (-3), Serbia 23 (-2), Scotland 51 (+1), FYR Macedonia 93 (+1) and Wales 45 (+45!).

Next update will be announced on November 23 which will include two Friendly matches.

Rode Duivels is no. 34 in the World!

(21 September 2011) FIFA have today announced a new World Ranking after a month with the two matches against USA and Azerbaijan. These two matches have gathered points enough to move Rode Duivels 3 places up, which is the best for seven years! The highest place ever is the 16th place which we hold in some periods of 2003 and 2004.

The teams from the Euro Qualifier Group A have now following positions: Germany 3 (+0), Turkey 24 (+0), Austria 68 (-2), Azerbaijan 112 (-1) and Kazakhstan 126 (+0).

This ranking have a few ups and downs. The high jumper of the month; Seychelles. They moved 24 places up without playing any matches and is now number 175 in the world.
Worse must it be to be in Central African Republic who fall 14 places down and now hold the 104th place in the world.

Next update will be announced on October 19 which will include the last two Euro Qualifiers against Kazakhstan (7/10) and Germany (11/10).

Overview of the Summer Transfer Window!

(9 September 2011) 11 players with matches for Rode Duivels changed club this summer. Did you loose your overview of the transfers? Then don't worry. We have here all the most important transfers lined up for you:

Romelu Lukaku finally moves from RSC Anderlecht and have joined mighty Chelsea FC for the next five years. The deal can end up in around 20 million Euro!

Axel Witsel leaves R. Standard de Liége for 8 million Euro to join Portoguise SL Benfica on a five year deal.

Steven Defour, team mate of Witsel, is also moving to Portugal, but to join FC Porto who paid a transfer of 6 million Euro.

Dries Mertens is moving closer to the Belgium border, but stays in Holland where he leaves FC Utrecht to join the top team PSV Eindhoven.

Björn Vleminckx is, as already announced, joining Club Brugge K.V. on a 3,3 million deal. Vleminckx leaves the Dutch team N.E.C. Nijmegen.

Jonathan Legear left RSC Anderlecht to join Russian team Terek Grozny who send 4,5 million Euro to Anderlecht.

Faris Haroun has left K. Beerschot AC to join the British team Middlesbrough FC.

Christian Benteke moves from KV Mechelen to KRC Genk.

Jean-Francois Gillet moves around in Italy. He leaves AS Bari to join Bologna.

Logan Bailly change German Bor. Mönchengladbach out with Neuchatel Xamax from Switzerland.

Dedryck Boyata didn't get many minutes in Manchester City, so he is now on loan at Bolton Wanderers.

Friendly: Belgium-USA 1-0!

(6 September 2011) After the disappointing result in Azerbaijan could Rode Duivels take it a bit more easy as the soccer team from USA was visiting Brussels for a friendly match. Before the game the two captains was saying a few words about fair play which they also brought into the match. The match started with a couple of good chances to USA, but in both cases were Mignolet and the defense on their place.

Belgium got better into the match and had quite a few chances. Mertens with a couple of shots from long distance, the same to Hazard, Witsel from close under the goal and Kompany with a header after a corner close to one post. It was not chances, but goals Rode Duivels was missing in the first half. The USA keeper, former Manchester United keeper Tim Howard, could also be satisfied with his job so far.

Second half started out like first half with a chance for USA, but the shot was fired 3 stories higher than the Belgian goal. First chance to Rode Duivels after the break was to Lombaerts after 55 mins. A throw-in was headed out of the penalty area directly to Lombaerts who didn't doubt and fired the ball through the defense and under Howard; 1-0!

After the goal USA came more forward and also got some chance, while Belgium was close to get the ball into the goal via a American defender. USA did though get the ball into the Belgian goal in the 85th min., but the header of Edu was correctly flagged for offside. The very last chance felt in the overtime to Lukaku who had a free shot just inside the penalty area, but missed it terrible. Fortunately for him and the Rode Duivels could they send USA and coach Jürgen Klinsmann home with 1-0.

Line-up: S. Mignolet, T. Alderweireld, L. Ciman, V. Kompany, N. Lombaerts, T. Simons, E. Hazard (63 mins. M. Ogunjimi), M. Fellaini (63 mins. D. Hubert), I. de Camargo (63 mins. R. Lukaku), A. Witsel, D. Mertens.

Did you miss the match, then you can watch the highlights on our media page.

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Euro 2012: Azerbaijan-Belgium 1-1!

(2 September 2011) Rode Duivels was visiting Azerbaijan which on forehand looked to be one of the easier matches in the group, but everyone should be surprised with the result. Belgium quickly took the lead of the game with a lot of ball possession and great chances. First to Witsel with a free header few meters from the goal and later Mertens who was mistiming his passing to a free Lakuka in a two-against-one situation. That was the main reason why first half ended without any goals.

Second half started as first half ended. Belgium with the ball and Azerbaijan trying on counter attacks. It was Belgium getting the ball into the goal first. Hazard was brought down in the penalty area and the referee gave a penalty. Simons was the one to kick and made a easy goal in the middle of the goal with no chance for the keeper.

Hereafter Belgium kept producing chances, but it was difficult to make the last finish. Azerbaijan came back into the game in the last 15 mins. and tried to bring all men to the front. 4 mins. before the final whistle and high ball was passed to the back of the Belgium penalty area and here was suddenly a free standing Rauf Aliyev who could easily head the ball in goal to 1-1. Belgium tried a last shot to get all three points, but a final free kick ended up in the wall and the referee ended the match.

With the result it looks now very difficult for Rode Duivels to take the second place away from Turkey while Germany now is sure to get first place and is qualified for Euro 2012.

Line-up: S. Mignolet, T. Alderweireld, V. Kompany, N. Lombaerts, J. Vertonghen, T. Simons, E. Hazard, M. Fellaini, R. Lukaku (61 mins. I. de Camargo), A. Witsel, D. Mertens.

See the group standing and coming matches here.

Did you miss the match, then you can watch the highlights on our media page.

No change for Rode Duivels!

(24 August 2011) The monthly FIFA World Ranking have today been announced which have included the friendly match against Slovenia two weeks ago. The match didn't have any big different to the placement of Rode Duivels and they keep their 37th place in the world.

Top 10 had this time a few changes. Most remarkable is that the orange country above have taken over 1st place in the World instead of Spain. England and Brazil swap places, so now England is number 4 and Brazil 6. Italy and Portugal also swaped, with Italy now being number 7 and Portugal 8.

Seychelles was the most spectacular team, jumping up 24 places and now hold the 175th place in the World. Central African Republic on the other hand had a bad month and fell 15 places down to number 104.

Next update will be announced on September 21 which will include the important qualifier against Azerbaijan 2 September.

Friendly: Slovenia-Belgium 0-0!

(10 August 2011) Tonight Rode Duivels was visiting Slovenia in a friendly match preparing the teams for the coming qualifying matches. With the season just started both teams couldn't make the play very fluent and not many changes to either team in first half. Rode Duivels did make a goal, but the referee saw the ball behind the goal-line for a goal kick before Lukaku was able to put the ball behind the goalkeeper.

Second half lived more up and more chances was to be seen. Lukaku and Vleminckx had both good chances, but both were saved by the goalkeeper of Slovenia. The same was the case for Igor De Camargo who stole the ball from the defense and went alone to the goalkeeper, but the shot was too weak and went, via the leg of Handanovic, to a corner kick. In the end of the match Slovenia had their best chance, but a perfect save by Mignolet made sure that no goals were scored this evening. The game ends 0-0.

Line-up: S. Mignolet, T. Alderweireld, D. van Buyten, V. Kompany, N. Lombaerts (76 mins. S. Pocognoli), T. Simons, M. Fellaini (46 mins. I. de Camargo), A. Witsel (58 mins. D. Hubert), D. Mertens, Y. El Ghanassy (86 mins. D. Tshimanga), R. Lukaku (58 mins. B. Vleminckx).

Next match will be in Azerbaijan on 2nd September in the qualifying match for Euro 2012.

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Did you miss the match, then you can watch the highlights on our Media page.

Draw for the qualifier of World Cup 2014!

(31 July 2011) FIFA have today drawn for the preliminary group stage for the World Cup 2014 which is taking place in Brazil.

Rode Duivels was seeded in third layer and ended up in an interesting Group A with following teams: Croatia, Serbia, Scotland, FYR Macedonia and Wales.

Coach of Rode Duivels, Georges Leekens had following comment to after the draw:
-It's a group where every team is capable of beating everyone else, but also of losing points to everyone else. Croatia and Serbia are two very difficult opponents. We mustn't underestimate Macedonia to ensure we don't drop points. Scotland and Wales can play good football. We need to be prepared to try and beat everyone, because it's something you have to be able to do if you want to qualify. So I'm fairly happy. Everyone will have to be at their best.

The teams in this Group A have at this moment following World Ranking: Croatia 9, Serbia 27, Scotland 61, FYR Macedonia 96 and Wales 112.

First match will be played in September 2012.

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